Building Tech to Help Kids Learn to Read: Janessa Farrell's QuestRead Journey

Building Tech to Help Kids Learn to Read: Janessa Farrell's QuestRead Journey

Welcome to another episode of the Small Tech Podcast! Today, we have Janessa Farrell, an inspiring guest who has turned her passion for teaching into a tech startup.

Janessa is the co-founder and CEO of QuestRead, a fun reading game for kids that helps improve their reading skills. Questread was recently accepted into the Ocean Programs Accelerator Cohort 10, a big step for the app's growth.

Janessa taught in Title I schools in Chicago for 15 years, working with kids who struggled with reading. She noticed that motivation was key to their success, so she created QuestRead to make reading more engaging.

Her journey into tech began when the pandemic stopped her plans for further education. Instead, she volunteered at Simbi, a reading platform, where she eventually became the head of product. This role gave her the skills she needed to build QuestRead.

Janessa's story shows the power of perseverance and adaptability. Her commitment to helping kids read better through technology is truly inspiring.

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Janessa Ferrell
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