Crafting a Sustainable Future: Liz Gosselin's Entrepreneurial Journey

Crafting a Sustainable Future: Liz Gosselin's Entrepreneurial Journey

In this episode of the Small Tech Podcast, we talk with Liz Gosselin, one of the co-founders of R&G Strategic: the sustainability agency. Liz shares her journey from school to the startup scene at Volta, where she started working closely with tech companies and developed a passion for sustainability. She discusses how important it is for businesses to genuinely adopt sustainable practices and avoid greenwashing. Liz gives some advice for new entrepreneurs about the value of finding a supportive community and staying committed to their true values as they tackle challenges in sustainability and innovation.

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Creators and Guests

Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Trying to do good in the world with tech and design. I also take the occasional photograph. Co-founder of Éphémère Creative. He/him.
Liz Gosselin
Liz Gosselin
Chief Creative Officer at R&G Strategic