Choosing a tech stack

Choosing a tech stack

In this episode of the Small Tech Podcast from Éphémère Creative, we talk about choosing the right technology for your small tech business. Understanding a tech stack is crucial, especially when building an application that integrates seamlessly with marketing and operational tools. Whether you’re contemplating selecting off-the-shelf tech stacks like MERN, MEAN, or LAMP or customizing your own, this episode is tailored just for you. We highlight crucial considerations, including infrastructure and maintenance budget, legal requirements, performance necessities, and growth projections. Using our own project, the Chewy Stack, as a practical example, we discuss how we crafted a tech stack to cater to our various client needs and expectations. Learn how technology can help your small business reach new heights.  Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and leave us a review!

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Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Trying to do good in the world with tech and design. I also take the occasional photograph. Co-founder of Éphémère Creative. He/him.