Development frameworks

Development frameworks

In this week's episode of The Small Tech Podcast, we dissect the concept of software development frameworks, emphasizing their importance in web and mobile app development. We highlight the benefits of using frameworks, and discuss popular choices like Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel. We also introduce the concept of backends as a service and touch upon frontend frameworks such as Angular, Next, and Expo. We wrap up the episode by introducing our own product, the Chewy Stack, a comprehensive tool that simplifies deploying and managing your digital product. Join us as we explore these essential tools that can help you build scalable and impactful tech products.

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Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Trying to do good in the world with tech and design. I also take the occasional photograph. Co-founder of Éphémère Creative. He/him.